How Can An Musicain Change Lives

As I love good music there are many inspiring Musicains but to me there is only one person that can change lives because he has change mine and this is how he changed my Life.

Last year I had met this young songwritier his name is Brenn Hill the first time i heard his music I knew he changed my life his songs was so empowering and inspiring. the way he wrote his songs really captured his life and his family.

Brenn Hill and I became fast friends that year he also told me about how his family came to the Monterey Cowboy poetry festival this year. I had met his son Briggs he had inspired his dad to wite a song about an bad exparence he had.

All of Brenn Hill's songs had touched me so deeply the lyrics are amazing the way he wrote his many songs with his inspiring lyrics had really changed my life and speaks to me in different ways. His songs had really changed me, his voice melts me into his songs and always make me inspired and play with  my emotions I always tear up when i hear his voice.

I can always look into the mirror of his eyes!
starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012