My Favorite Lyrics Are Numerous

...and many of my favorites have: encouraged, uplifted, made me feel wistful, brave, sentimental, passionate...and on and on...

I have a favorite lyricist/musician whose trippy, beautiful words befuddle most folks. But for those of us who understand what Jon Anderson (formerly of Yes) has to say because we're on the same plane of thinking he is, his words have been a source of Light, Hope, Beauty, Strength and Peace, just to name a few attributes.

Here's one of my favorites from Jon:

" a signal from you..
Bring me to meet your sound,
and I will bring you to my heart.."

(From "State of Independence" by Jon Anderson & Vangelis)

And another:

"No question, I'm not alone!
Somehow I'll find my way Home!"

(From "I'll Find My Way Home" by Jon-n-Vangelis)

There's plenty more where those came from, given Jon's considerable solo discography as well as his work with Yes, Vangelis, Kitaro, Mike Oldfield and others...

But lately, one of my newer favorites is "Unbroken Spirit of Mine," a song he wrote and recorded after his respiratory illness in 2008...I listen to this and feel so grateful he is still around. Because of his emotional strength, I look at my own life and think how strong I've become, myself.

And because of Jon's amazing, inspirational way of being, writing, singing, playing and living life to the fullest, expressed in his soul-transforming lyrics, I have not given up on myself. I have sought higher and better than "just living."

druidkat7 druidkat7
31-35, F
Dec 8, 2012