Pond You Broke My Cool

Dear boyfie, you broke my cool.

Come look out in the hall, man
There's a bat hanging off the wall, man
Wanna help it out
I wanna help it out

Don't wanna be stupid, ugly, dumb
Wanna be a little more likely, son
Spend my golden (?)

You were gone today, must've dropped my heart
All my hair was falling out
I never thought I was through
Now I live with a yeti and a caterpillar king
I wanna make love on everything
Make love on you

You, you broke my cool
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You broke it right in two

All I can do is stand the pressure
Now I can't talk, though I'd write you a letter
Maybe a song
Maybe that will be better

Now I'm a mess in a sequin dress
No, I don't care, don't wanna obsess
I'm a mess
Or maybe you just broke my cool

You broke my cool
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MissThomYorke MissThomYorke
Dec 10, 2012