Thugs Get Lonely Too By Pac!

I call you up long distance
On the telephone
I wanna tuck you in
Even though I know I can't make it home
I whisper things in ya' ear
Like youre near me
Wonder if you feel me
From far away
Or can you hear me
It seems to me
That ya' jealous
'Cause I'm hustlin' and makin' money
With the fellas'
In the back streets
Tryin' to trap me
Thugs get lonely too!
But I'm a soulja
And theres no way I'mma' stop makin' money
'Cause ya' attitudes changed
And ya' actin' a little funny
Always complainin'
Sayin' we don't spend time
Can't you see
I got enough stress on my mind
And hangin' up like you all that
And get mad when I'm tell you that
"I'm busy baby, call back,"
Please, ain't nothin' left to say to you
Thugs get lonely too
everythinghappens4R everythinghappens4R
22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013