Fake *** *******! Tupac Shakur

Look here little nigga
Most of these niggaz be ******* too
but you'll never hear that side of the story
So uhh, we finna do this **** like this

It's like I tell my niggaz, keep your eyes on these *******
They love to G a nigga young dumb and gettin riches
What the **** you think a trick is nigga
Nigga done stick and wet his ****
and then get tricked out all his riches by a -- *****!
I'm here to school you to the rules of the game, it'll cost ya
Think you alla that just cause she let a nigga toss her
It's like a ************ priveledge
So don't give up your conversation, give that ***** your 7 digits
When she call ya, ask that tramp whassup
And if she is the type of nigga hang up, worrrd up
And let that ***** meditate to the dial tone
And call me when you're ready to bone, and it's on
A ************* mack tonight
Stay that stay strapped cause my raps is tight
You ****** punks, I hate you snitches
Went against the grain and the game to be fake *** *******

(God, damn! You can't just hit them niggaz with that game
and expect them to accept it; girl your heard me it gets skanless.
But we gonna kick this **** like this here)

[Chorus: 2Pac]

I can't stand fake *** *******
Lyin *** niggaz and you punk *** snitches
[repeat 2X]
everythinghappens4R everythinghappens4R
22-25, M
Jan 11, 2013