My First Love

I was in standard 7th when i had a crush on a boy i love his hair too much till now that time he used to tease me everytime and i loved it but its seems that he does not have any feelings for me one day he just talked to me and i was very happy i was loving him without expecting his love in return after 1 year all our friends started to treat as a couple but we are actually not so one day he ask me why they use to tell like that i replied i dont know and i said him that i will call him today at evening i called him we talk for atleast 15 min slowly our friendship grows stronger and i started loving him more than my life but he was not at all loving me we were in relationship for 6 months and after that he stopped sending me message and even he does not used to reply my message i was very unhappy for that reason i became very ill for 1 months i used to send him message hoping that he will reply one day but i was wrong i was totally ill and i heard the news that he has been suffering from typhoid i used to call him but he never accept my call then i understand he was just doing timepass then one of my guy friend told me that he challenged with him to trap me for 6 months when i heard this i thought to myself that he cannot do anything stupid like this but i was wrong i failed and he win his challenge then i started my new life but till now i am loving him and i cannot forget him he is my first love ....
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Jan 12, 2013