If They Knew - Joel Faviere

They think you're crazy.
They think you're mad.
They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it.

Now you're walkin' back, to a place you call home,
but you feel so alone.

The same hurtful hits, it's your darker place.
In your virgin ears, the remarks they make.

And if they, if they really knew all of those things.
That you do in your room, to hide the pain.
I bet their minds would change.

I'll bet their minds would change.

They'd change, If they knew the pain.

Without leaving any scars, without bleeding
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I listened to that song everyday for months, hoping it would make me stronger. Which, it didn't but it's still a lovely song <3