In Just A Moments Time

Why so down tonight?

Just another day that didn't go your way

well, don't you make a sigh

just take my hand

don't toss and turn

Let's just lie awake

In just a moment's time

you'll wonder why

you ever thought you'd ever look

for more than you've got

cause baby,

you've got you and me

I'm gonna hold you tight

through the night

the bed bugs better

hope that I don't bite

while you're counting sheep

In your head

it's time to hit the sack

Kapow, attack!

Smack those troubles down

K.O. them down

One, two, three A.M

hope he is up at midnight still

The window sills are

a billion miles away

but your lucky star

he's here for sure

Tell him make the sheets,

the world is yours to conquer

it won't be long dear

I'm the king and you're the pawn

we're our perfect pair
CharlieCharles CharlieCharles
22-25, M
Feb 9, 2013