For All We Know


  For all we know we may never meet again

Before you go make this moment sweet again 

We won't say goodnight until the last minute

I'll hold out my hand and my heart will be right in it

   For all we know this may only be a dream

We come and go like the ripples on a stream

So love me tonight

      tomorrow was made for some

Tomorrow may never come  

       For all we know

                                Good words to Live by cause Tomorrow may never come "For All  We Know" by the Flamingo's

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Dinah Washington also does a great version of this song but over the years almost everyone has recorded it.. I guess a truly great song speaks to each of us,no matter what age we are or what type music we usually listen too.. I'm so glad ya'll like it too.

just beautiful. thanks for posting. :)

love theseee<br />
amazing. :]