Early's Song

Early's Song

I brought her lots of pine cone liquor for chuggin' 

I gave her 8 strong arms worth of huggin'

Two hearts in love, we would frolic in the sand

She tossed me up and caught me in her meaty hands

I was walking tall, my backbone straight 

But that ain't easy for invertebrates

But the tide would turn and this squid would learn,

I'd meet my match then I'd get burned.


Then we laid down and conceived us a youngerd

But she forsook me and my son for another

I'd been so proud of our little family clan

Till I caught her trading tongues with old snake man

Now she's officially my ex, although I really do miss the sex

To her I shall not return

I met my match and I got burned.


Yes I've cut her from my heart

Like a big loud stinking fart

To her I shall never return

I met my match and I got burned, burned, burned.


*See the video here and sing along


(I tell you, this song touches me in ways I can't express.)

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I'm the only person I know that LOVES Squidbillies. Whenever I turn it on my family groans. I wish they would make a full length Squidbillies movie, like they did with Aqua Teen Hunger Force! I have a lot of family from Kentucky, so the humor sometimes really hits home with me, and you just can't get a better guy to perform Early Cuyler than Unknown Hinson, he's hilarious. This song cracks me up like crazy.

Holy corn liquor, I cannot believe i am not the only one that loves Early's music!