Lay Your Weapons Down

its been the coldest year i can remember
and the leaves just started turning brown
so when you see my white flag waving
would you please lay your weapons down..
its been the hardest battle in the campaign
and theres still no proof of gaining ground
so when my scars bloom like roses
can we please lay the weapons down..
are we fighting for the same thing
or are you just gonna wear me down
cuz i dont think ill make it through the winter
if you wont let me talk it out
its been the longest time ive gone without you
and in moments i can part the clouds
i never thought my mind could be sober
but ive learned to lay the lion down
we've been fighting for the same things
and you've worn all my defenses out
i never would have made it to shelter
if you hadnt broken me down
its been a year id rather not remember
but the memories is where the answers found
i know you see my whit flag waving
would you please lay your weapons down..

PaigePostmortem PaigePostmortem
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2009

Great video made with this song:

They are very true words indeed. When you read it over again, it just sinks in deeper.

That's really beautiful. I'm susceptible to words.