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I Run To You - Lady Antebellum

"I run from hate

I run from prejudice

I run from pessimists

But I run too late

I run my life

or is it running me

Run from my past

I run too fast

Or too slow it seems

When lies become the truth

Thats when I run to you

This world keeps spinning faster

Into a new disaster so I run to you

I run to you baby

And when it all starts coming undone

Baby you're the only one I run to

I run to you 

We run on fumes

Your life and mine

Like the sands of time

Slippin' right on through

And our love's the only truth

That's why I run to you"

quietbeauty quietbeauty 31-35, F 4 Responses Oct 12, 2009

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one of my favorite song i just wish i had someone to run too

Oh girl! I listened to that song twice today, and it melts me when I think of the devotion it expresses. Lady A has so many songs these days that seem to be singing my life.

The negative side of life is always there. Focusing on the positive is what makes it tolerable. Sounds as if that's what you're doing!

such sad words and yet so remarkable<br />
i 2 run from hate but where ever i go it always follow, what ever i do it always grow... sad but true...