I Got You....leona Lewis

A place to crash

I got you

No need to ask

I got you

Just get on the phone

I got you

Come and pick you up

If I have to

What's weird about it

Is we're right at the end

And mad about it

Just figured it out in my head

I'm proud to say

I got you

Go ahead and say goodbye

I'll be all right

Go ahead and make me cry

I'll be all right

And when you need a place

To run to

For better or worse

I got you


bellas31 bellas31
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Sure thing, Bells...you know I always got you. ;)

Thank you Sylph :)

The last stanza...oooohhh...just hits the right spot....Damn! ;)