The Curse Of Feanor By Blind Guardian

NOTE: I love Blind Guardian's Middle Earth themed albums, and this is one of my favorite songs from "Nightfall in Middle Earth."  I have always found the insane oath and quest of Feanor and his followers fascenating because it illustrates the "humanity"- if you will- of Tolkien's elves.  Unlike many later fantasy authors, he doesn't portray elves as perfect and ethereal, and I think Blind Guardian captures that very well.


Taken the long way

Dark realms I went through

I arrived

My vision's so clear

In anger and pain

I left deep wounds behind

But I arrived

Truth might be changed by victory

Beyond the void but deep within me

A swamp of filth exists

A lake it was of crystal beauty

But Arda's spring went by

I've heard the warning

Well curse my name

I'll keep on laughing

No regret

No regret

[chorus (1):]

Don't fear the eyes of the dark lord

Morgoth I cried

All hope is gone but I swear revenge

Hear my oath

I will take part in your damned fate

I will always remember their cries

Like a shadow which covers the light

I will always remember the time

But it's past

I cannot turn back the time

(I) don't look back

There's still smoke near the shore

But I arrived

Revenge be mine

[chorus (2):]

I will take part in your damned fate

Morgoth I cried

It's my oath

So don't fear the eyes

Of the dark lord

Soon you will be free

Set your spirit free

"Suddenly I realized

The prophecies

I've never believed in

My deeds were wrong

I've stained the land

And slain my kin

(Burning Soul)

There's no release from my sins

It hurts


Time and only time will tell us

Tell: was I right or wrong?

When anger breaks through

I'll leave mercy behind"

[chorus (2)]

I will always remember their cries

Like a shadow they'll cover my life

But I'll also remember mine

(And) after all I'm still alive

WildMagic WildMagic
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Feb 23, 2010