Dieter Meyer's Institution

Kaizers Orchestra

Dieter Meyers Institusjon (Original Title)

Put me in your ward

Commit me to the clinic

I’m sure I’m crazy

They took from me everything I was

Commit me. Commit me to the clinic

'Cause, I’ll never regain what’s been lost

It happened, as you predicted

It all happened just as you predicted it would

Now, you’ll never see me again

You were never mine

But, I’m forever yours

Commit me

Tell the world that I am sick, doctor

You are my benefactor

Give me verification

At Dieter Meyers institution

Commit me

I have no control over my sleeping habits

Rule after rule to follow and memorize

There, you see how it goes

See what has become of me

No one knows me anymore

Give me back some of the old me

Always tread softly

I am half a man, and it shows

Now I want some of you

You are my salvation

Thanks for your donation

I must be committed

To Dieter Meyers Institution

Drokles Drokles
18-21, M
Mar 1, 2010