Nightswimming By Rem

Love the song. It brings back memories from high school. Here in Brazil we have night courses for people that work during the day. So, on  Friday nights we used to go drink at the bars around the school after classes and sometimes we would jump the school wall and swim at night. Years later, we had a reunion at the same bar to upgrade the news. Some of us had already gotten married and stuff. Later on we decided to swim and we jumped the wall (with difficulty). As we were swimming (naked) we realized that a big apartment building was constructed and the people saw some white buttocks in the night. Suddenly the lights were on and we heard the watchman screaming at us. We had to run carrying our belongings, dressing up as we run, dropping keychains and wallets. Three or four bloks down we re-grouped and shared a good laugh. After that we had to have another beer...

zecelso zecelso
46-50, M
Mar 1, 2010