Gods Of War Arise

Darkness flees the rising sun

The village lies ahead

It will wake to a new day soon

Soon they'll all be dead


We came in cover of moonless night

Fifty men at arms

Now at first morning light

The church bell sounds the alarm


Sacrifice to gods of old

Bleed them of their lives

Fresh blood on our swords

Gods of war arise ( bis )


Hear the tortured screams

Shattering the air

They awake from soothing dreams

Into their worst nightmare


Fire sweeps their homes

They feel the dragon's breath

Consuming and destructive flames

Agonising death


Some seek shelter in the church

A refuge for those with faith

But we know to smoke them out

A pyre will be raised


But those who choose to stand and fight

Will die with dignity

For the unfortunate few who survive

Waits a life in slavery


The day draws to an end

The night comes dark and cold

We return to our ships

With silver, slaves and gold


We gave them agony

As they fell and died

The gods have granted victory

For our sacrifice







Aeko Aeko
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22 Responses Apr 14, 2010

That's always a pleasure to hear! One less person I have to look over my shoulder for. : )

Comrade for sure, I don't wanna kill you, I kinda like you

Ha ha, yeah, but as what? Odin, my commarade, or my enemy? I'd hate to fight against you!

See ya at ragnarok then

Ah ha ha! I'll take it! Try not to miss me!

There ain't anything wrong with that, I'm pretty sure you can get some in valhalla

Ha, no. The ones that stood and fought and died. <br />
<br />
Oh! I just read the comment about Pokemon!!! That'd get me on a whole seperate rant.

Not a slave ?

I hope you guys are kidding!!! Not knowing what Hogwarts is, is like not knowing your childhood! I loved those books, as a kid! I mean, I'm sure I'd still enjoy them today, but I obsessed over them. I read the third book at least six times. I about cried when I turned eleven and didn't get a note of acceptance into that school! *sigh* Good times, good times. <br />
<br />
Anyway, I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but I was taken by the lyrics. They almost presented themselves as a book. Granted, I have a highly active imagination, but I could see the ground flashing by, as I flew above the scene and watched, and then slammed into the ground and became (unfortunately) one of the slaughtered.

Too bad he didn't answer that, I would have liked to see what Inoue is like when she's mad

SPAM ATTACK! Bob, just wait the 11th regiment of Inoue's attack baby seals!

@Selvaria: Hogwarts? I don't know what it is, just wait until the addict answer. <br />
@Bob: And you say LadyFox? Don't tell me you can't distinct a male and a female human? Even if I misreaded it's better than being THAT stupid. And your Clearsil is a spam.

What is Hogwarts?

That's what I thought. You are an addict to gaming

LazyFox-you had to say it ?

The bastard didn't post yet

I'll leave her to you, I got my goddess...

Me and my blade have got your back. Mmmm, how about that cute little blond slave, she could keep me warm on the high seas, if you don't want her...DD

I'd love to be a captain.

I don't like "music" at all, I find it irritating at best, BUT I fell into your words and was not aware of anything else. OMGODDESS! In my next life I want to be on a raiding ship with you as the captain. My love for the blade and my ability to use my blade is something that would stay with me forever. I lust to be young again and use my blade again…DD

Glad you did. I like it so much I sang when I wrote it..

The imagery is so well depicted I can see the entire scene like a movie. Thank you I enjoyed this.