I Am Able To Realte To Certain Songs, Like A T


  There are certian songs that I can realte too, so much that too some its scary, because the songs I can realte too like a T are these below:


1. Britney Spear= Overprotected ( the meanning behinde the song in my life here is: people in my adopted family and people in my past are so over-protected of me, its like there for a long time I couldn't breathe, because of people sumering me so much, for that is why I have reblloed so much in my younger side of adsoclent life)!

2. Britney Spears=Stronger ( the meanning behinde this song in my life here is: a lot of people in my past adoscelnt days, were I was so wild and catoic in my behavior, the slighest dissapoment in my life, would be a tradgey and a lot of people thought I would fall to my knees forever and that I couldn't stand on my own two feet, but here now I am standing in my middle 20's, people then look at me now and are like dam she has changed a lot and can stand on her own two feet and its like nothing gets her down anymore, like things use too)!

3. Marron Five= ( the meanning behinde this song in my life here is: I had a best friend in high school that I grew up with, every time something went wrong I would call him for support and one night my adopted dad physically hit me and I called this guy who was my best friend, he came over in his car and took me too his foster mom's and prayed with me he was my support system, anytime something went wrong he was there for me, but then he was murder when I was 18 yrs old and he was 21 yrs old, he was killed on a college campus in the town I lived in, he just got out of drama class and he was walking a classmate to her car, and out of no where he was an innocent bystander and two people took his life)!

3. Lidnsey Lohan= ( the meanning behinde this song in my life here is: in my past and not very far into my past, I had self eestm issues and weight issues and people would make fun of me and start bullshit rummors about me, and now that I have changed I am like **** them I am who i am and I love myself and because now I take better care of myself and I have losted a lot of weight for the better of myself and my health, not only that I feel better but also now I do not care what people say or think about me, cause I know the truth, so I am like why should I waste my breathe)!


                 These are the songs that inspire my life so much and these are the basic songs in my life that have made me who I am in my inner strengthen today!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I like to use songs to understand life situations. They comfort me. Music is great.