Love Women

My wife and I were at a party one time it was one of her company dinner party. I got to meet a lot of her co-workers there were about 50 couples there and a few single women. There was this one women a very good friend of my wife's her name was Beth. She was a little heavy or thick but very nice looking. She set at are table for dinner and her and my wife laugh and talked all the way through dinner. My wife told me she said I was a very good looking man and that my wife  was a lucky women. 

  She also told my wife I bet your hubby is great at sex. My wife told me that because they were good friends that she had told her friend about some of the sexy things we have done together. My wife told me that Bath has not been with a man in over 7 years. I ask my wife why is that? She is not please with her body so she just keeps to her self. Well I told my wife I think she looks very sexy she has nice big ****, and I love her big ***. 

  My wife said; I told Beth that you like women with a little meet on there body. And my wife told her that she is willing to share me with her tonight. Meaning I would dance with here and she could join my wife and I for the rest of the evening. Well dinner was over and the drinks started flowing, and the band started playing. My wife and I dance a few times , and then my wife ask me to get Beth out on the dance floor. Well it was a slow song so I ask Beth would you like to dance? She got up and we went out onto the dance floor. As we were dancing Beth pressed her big **** into my chest, and she whispered in my ear nice are they not. 

  I told her they feel real nice, and that she was a very attractive women. Beth said to me your are a very nice man your wife is a lucky women. Beth also said to me; your wife tells me you like women with as you put meat on there body. Well the song was over and we went back to our table and set down. My wife was up and about talking with all her co- workers. So Beth and I set there drinking and talking about life. 

  I could see that Beth was getting a little high so I told Beth to slow down on the drinking a little. Beth told me that my wife said the two of us would drive her home if she wanted to get drunk to night. So I said then if that is what you want to do is get **** face then have at it. Then there was another song and Beth wanted to slow dance again so up and out onto the floor we went. 

 While we were dancing this time Beth started rubbing her big **** on me and rubbing her ***** into my crouch. Dam it felt good and I was getting a hard on. Beth was getting turn on also because I good feel her nipples getting hard agents my chest. We were have a very nice time dancing and by now my **** was hard. Beth whisper in my ear you **** is hard that makes me feel like a real women that I am able to do that to a real man.

  We went back to our table after the song was over and set down and drank some more. My wife came back to get her drink and said you to having fun. I told you Beth I would share him with you tonight. Luckily and slow song started so I garbed my wife and went onto the dance floor.  As we were dancing I told her what was happening with Beth. My wife said just let her enjoy her self you and I are very open mined and things. If you can make her feel like a women tonight that is fine with me.

 Remember the time you ask me make your friend feel like a man again after his divorce. I made him feel good and I got off and you did also. So just enjoy ;it is ok she needs this right now and she is my best friend. Trust me honey her and I have talk about this , and she is really having a good time. Well now I know what the game plan is I will do the best I can. We went back to the table and my wife was off again.

 Beth said she had to go to the bath room and would be right back. She was gone for what seemed to be for ever but back she came. Beth started asking me question about the things my wife and I do. I said to Beth before you start this let me tell you I am the kind of guy that tells it like it is. So if you don't want to hear it don't ask it. Beth told me there is not to much she does not know because my wife has told her a lot about what all we do.

 Beth also told me that she has seen my wife nude be for and knows she has a hairy ***** and ***. She ask me do you really like hairy women? I told her you dam right I do. And I ask her when did you see my wife nude? It was at work one time we got cult in a rain storm and were like to drowned rat we went into the lady's room at work so she could chance her cloths.  

 Then she ask me if I would do something for her. I said what is it; she told me while she was in the bath room she had taking off her panties. And would I put my hand up her dress and feel her hairy *****. Well you did not have to ask me twice up her dress i went. Dam honey you have a very nice hairy ***** and you really wet. Beth said thanks that feels good lets you and I go out side so you can smoke.

 We went out side you could not smoke near the main building so we had to walk off to the end of the property. I lite up and started smoking and Beth said I have something I want you to see. She started to unbutton her top and there were two of the biggest **** I have ever seen in a bra. She then ask me would you like to see them out of my bra? She took off her bra and dam her **** looked great she had big brown areoles and big nipples. 

 Beth ask me to suck on her **** I was loving life. She reach down and started rubbing my rock hard **** through my pants. She said lets walk into the woods over there and find a nice big tree. We did find a nice big tree and Beth took off all her cloths. She ask me be honest do you like my body? I told her honey I love your body. You have a great looking body you should not be ashamed to show your self off. Love your hairy ***** and your hairy *** I want to eat your *****. And I ate her ***** tel she came and I lick up every drop of her come. She had my **** out and was sucking on it I though I was going to pass out.

 She ask me not to come yet she wanted my **** in her *****. We were **** and I was loving seeing my **** sliding in and out of her hairy *****. Then Beth ask me would I **** her in her hairy *** like I do my wife. She turn around and bend over so I could slid my hard **** into her big hairy *** hole. I was ******* her big hairy *** nice and slow dam it felt so good and tight. I was ready to come Beth told me to pull out and she turn around so I could come all over her big ****. And did not think I was going to be able to stop coming. When I was finish coming Beth took one big *** at a time and suck my come off her ****.

  She and I kissed for a while and then put our cloths on and went back into the dance. My wife met us and said you have a good smoke. The to women hugged and we all went back to are table. I must say thick women are great fun. 
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yeah to a point thick is always better then Obese but smooth is forever better then hairy as I dont floss while eating