Boots And Gloves

I started wearing my moms leather boots and gloves a s a kid playing batman. Before lomg i became attracted to the tightness of the womans leather and the high heels. I knew I wanted to be batgirl instead. When I was older I bought my own boots and gloves and went for slutty leather walks in deserted parks. The sound and feel of the heels on the ground and the leather of the boots gripping my legs, the thin leather of the long gloves clinging to my arms was too much. I would lapse into some batgirl fantasy where cat woman caught me and was raping me with a strap on **** . My leather gloved hand ******* my **** as i strutted and fantasized under the dark sky. i would erupt in a torrent of hot *** gasping in leather bliss. I would then hurry back to my car and drive home until my next adventure
bootbot2112 bootbot2112
4 Responses Mar 14, 2011

Great story!

Wish I had caught you doing that I would have sucked you off

Id *** soo hard in ur mouth

I would have swallow every drop then lick you clean

God that would be sooo kinky and amazing

Thank you for sharing this story I had the same early beginnings as yourself playing batman before the lure of becoming batgirl became more appealling.

I would love to chat about being bat girl with you sometime

I am male