Thigh High Boots

i love thigh high boots aswell i cant help but look at anyone wearing them and start thinking about ******* the wearer no matter the age or sex.thigh
sawwas1976 sawwas1976
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Same here i would do anything for them

add me as a friend & I'll try & introduce my wife to you

ok peterann will try

Me too please:)

Can I add you too and get the same luxury

if you want a pair of good thigh length boots get yourself a pair of pleaser delight 3010 6" heels 2.5" platform sole crotch boots they have a full zip if you have a large thigh they are fitted with an elasticates insert in the top of the boots and they are lovely and comfortable to wear and to walk in and they are about £ 100.00 from fashion world part no is hq162sp and you wont regret it either so go on buy yourself a pair