I Love Boots Too

My wife and I don't always share the same taste. She had a couple of piercings and took them out. I asked if she would get them again she said no. So I had some done, to satisfy one of us having piercings. I now have 2 nipples, nostril and eyebrow piercings.

When I asked her to get otk boots she thought about it and said yes. The she wore them a couple of times and never again. So I started wearing them. Any ideas what some girls think of a pierced guy wearing a ma1 flight jacket, skinny jeans and fierce tall Aldo faults over the knee boots? Let's suffice to say without asking I have had more blow jobs in the past 12 months without asking, then the past 12 years. Too bad for my wife, her loss however she doesn't like blow jobs either!
Flightjacketma1 Flightjacketma1
2 Responses Aug 19, 2012

Hi I have a couple of thigh high rennasaince boots that I wear on days off around the house

U rock!!!