My First Thigh High Boots

I have been a lover of sky high stiletto heels for a long time and had purchased many pairs of pumps and sandals with sky high heels. I had always loved the look of thigh high boots worn with stockings and corset but had never bought a pair of boots of any kind.  I had looked at boots and dreamed about owning them but could never cross the line and purchase them.  One day I saw a pair of black leather thigh high boots with a lace-up front and 5 inch stiletto heel on sale for 60% off and they had them in my size.  That was it I had to have those boots so I ordered them.  After I ordered those boots I could not wait for them to arrive I checked every day to see if they were here yet wanting to get those boots on my feet.  The day they finally arrived I couldn't wait to get them on I opened up the box and took them out and admired them running my hands up and down the leather, sniffing them enjoying that new smell.  My hands were shaking in anticipation of getting them on.  I had to quit admiring those boots so I could get ready to put them on.  I got out my black satin corset black garter stockings and of course a black satin thong.I put on my corset and then slid the thong up my legs and situated it making sure to pull the garter tabs under the leg openings.  I put on the stockings and connected them to the garter tabs and was now ready to put my new boots on.  I loosened the laces on the front of the boots and slid my right foot into it's boot and slid the zipper up my leg my hand shaking as I pulled that zipper up my leg higher and higher.  I repeated this process with the other boot and then just had to stand in my new boots to see how it felt and WOW did it feel good.  I sat back down and proceeded to tighten up the laces on my right boot getting them nice and snug before I finally tied them up.  That felt so good when I finished.  Again I repeated the process on my left leg my hands shaking more and more as I anticipated finishing this and being ready to strut in my new boots.  I finally was able to get the left boot nice and snug then tied it up.  Now was the moment of truth, I stood up.  I was in love, the feel of those boots fitting my legs so snugly the garters tugging at the tops of my stockings each time I moved was almost too much for me.  What a wonderful feeling as I started walking around the room my feet perched up high on top of those 5 inch heels, those boots fitting snugly around my stocking encased legs, I knew thigh high boots were made for me.

I now own 4 pairs of thigh high boots all with heels that are 5 inch or higher and I love wearing them all, but nothing will be like that first time.
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Hi I got a pair of rodeo thigh boots for the rennasance festival and they feel awsome to walk in

Hi I am a guy who likes boots and I found a pair of rodeo thigh boots for the rennasaince festival on sale and got them. They feel and look good and of course at the rennasaince festivals everyone wears them. good story

I would love to buy a pair of your used boots regardless of type and i loooovve thigh high i would love to see a pic of you in thigh high wearing stockings im sure you looked amazing

oh i like to wear them too special the vintage 80 and 70 platform suede boots

Nice story, I always wonder if ladies know exactly how much attention they attract wearing thighboots

Fancy a meet in ur thigh boots?

Are you thigh highs in different colors or styles I only have two pair fairly similar one with a 5" heel and the other with an 8" heel with a 2 inch platform. The 5" are leather and the 8 are in PVC

I have three pairs that are patent leather in red, black, and white. The 4th pair is black leather and they are also a different style with laces up the front.

I'm so jealous I'm sure all of them are stunning

They are and I love them all, I just love the feel of zipping those boots all the way up my legs.

I know the tingly feeling I get when I zip them up also

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Thigh high boots are wonderful, but I don't wear them out to much as being 6 ft tall, those heels make me tower over people and I really stand out when I stand up. Just don't need that much attention.

But they are so fun to wear at home :)

Yes they make you look and feel so sexy when wearing them.

Yes they do now that we have cold weather I have found out how wonderful they look and make me feel. One other bonus is my legs stay nice and warm when outside.

mmmmm yes. The one thing about winter I always miss is wearing my thigh high boots.

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