Sexy Wicked And Powerful

I feel so good in them , I take them out of the closet slip my foot and

leg in them feel the leather against me and as I slowly tug the

zipper up the leather gets snug encasing my feet and my legs it molds

to them like a second skin all the way up to the thigh.  I

slowly get up and walk to my mirror to look and it never fails to amaze

me how they transform how I feel . I feel wicked, and

and I love that  feeling .  I listen to  the sound of the heels as I move

across the floor and it makes me feel strong, the feel of the leather

sliding against itself makes me feel bad , so that by the

time I open that door and step out  I am ready to kick some a**


softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
45 Responses Oct 10, 2009

Girl, again I say you have the right attitude and hot buttons with boots!! You must look knockout in them!! Cheers!!

Ooh what a lovely mental image! If only we could see you in those boots for real!

You in girl


I love the thought of thigh length leather boots - but they have to be high heels, not these flat ones that can be bought. The whole change to the shape of ones leg and feel of the height gained is a powerful self-image. I'd love to see you strutt your stuff in them - and maybe kick some ***....

I love the thought of your thigh highs. I only have knee high boots, but I no how they feel so I can only dream how thigh high boots would make you feel. So Soft I'm off too shop for me some thigh high boots also, thanks for such a great story. Write more Please!!!!!

Please wright more about your boots just reading your story had me exited. Thank you

Wild women do, and they don't regret it! Strut your stuff, cause confidence is so sexy. Kick booty...... even better yet, place your leg upon my knee so that I may feel how good it is to zip the leather up along your sleek gams.

We really do need a picture in this story with you in them.

Thank you quad .. I went .. I go .. I bought another pair =-)

Liking it... :)<br />
You go!


yes, that powerful wicked feeling... from a sexy pair of kicks I understand!

very disc<x>riptive and totally how those boots make you hot!

Thigh high boots really do make a woman rock, and really clinch the Jin~ne~sai~Quoi she has going. Step out in style, strut your stuff! woo woo

You could walk on me barefoot.

oh how I would love to worship your boots

*giggles* yes poor thing , I am going to put my highest heeled boots and walk all over him and he will love every bit of it and when I am done he will thank me and I will do it all over again !!=-P smarty pants !!!!

I must say you will look great on your boot...Hey,I am just curious who is that one person whom you would torment with your boots?? Poor soul!

ahhh Jolly no can do .. sorry =-( <br />
<br />
sambonie why would I want to kick your booty boots are for good not evil .... well maybe a little evil *wicked laugh*=-P<br />
<br />
ahh sorry soccer my boots are for exclusive torment to only one person , not out for hire.. but i'll make sure if I come across any thighs highs looking for a couple of digits to crush to pass your name along =-D

Hearing that story about your boots; would you step on my hand and crush out my fingers like a cigarette under your boot? I would love to get stepped on by you in boots!!!!

can we get to see you in your thigh high boots by watyof some photos.

I think thigh boots are sexy. Add a short dress and you can kick my a## anytime.

My pleasure, soft - I would love to see you in your thigh boots!

your insightful then myboots .. yes ... those thigh highs always make me feel grrooowwlll..=-D thanks for comment

What you said is exactly what I thought you would be thinking and how I perceive a woman in thigh boots...if that makes sense!

*giggles *puurrrr... yes I love all my leather boots ..ah la la .. =-D thanks for the comment

*giggles and waves at 8foot over shoulder * ... come darling lets go out and kick booty no? =-D

[8footdread smiles...from behind softkitti's mirror...teehee]

All you gorgeous women wearing those boots, I think I LOVE YOU. So turned on, had to do something about, sorry, love you..

Well ... If you can't help yourself then well...<br />
*catches beer*<br />
<br />
Then I guess we're just going to have to succumb to the fun...

lol cant help it darling these boots make me a wild thing darling * winks and throws beer at sailor* if we are going to go down with the ship lets go with smiles on no? <br />
*winks and dances swinging hair*

HAY NOW!<br />
<br />
All that wigglin' 'bout is distracting my navigation skills...

*dances and wiggles in boots on sailors boat *

I know they do... That's why we didn't need to speak about it!!! Sheesh!!!!

oh darling ..mine speak for themselves no words needed ;) lol bad sailor boy

Come along then... SR has brought her own floatation devices... and no.... I don't want to hear about yours...<br />
(really.....)<br />

*laughs* can you darling well then lets me zip up these bad boys and ahoy matey ;)

I think I could make an exception for no dark soled shoes on the boat...<br />
<br />

*laughs* oh but dark angel I would not be able use my boots darling *bats eyelashes innocently * ;)

*laughs* with those black leather boots at my feet is the only place to be *laughs* naughty thing ;)

Your boots make you feel wicked and now your feisty - definitely at your feet.

*laughs* I am an equal opportunity a** kicker so .. watch out you could be next grrrr ;) thanks for the comment

I would love for it to be my a**. are right...I like that...<br />
<br />
Please come and read my story..its wacky

wow that made me excited!!! I want to hear more about your boots please!!!