Sexy, Sexy Turn On.

Why do I find them incredibly sexy? Is this another fetish of mine, as I was hesitant of admitting this to my ex wife. But when she put some on I was all over her like an animal. That was along time ago. I do remember the first time I was fascinated by black leather boots. This sounds so Freudian but when I was little we had a shoe cupboard in the kitchen where everything was thrown. Being into everything I got into there and found my Mother's calf black leather boots! (my Mother was a bit of a Babe in those days and had men running after her)

It was the smell of leather that got to me first and then the texture. I am a very tactile person and have to touch things of beauty. Since then I have to look at a woman in boots, calf, knee or thigh high boots and black leather being my favourite. I am also turned on by other leather garments and have a curiosity about PVC. I would just love to go out with a partner who loved her leather black boots. Sigh!

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Well yes but .......!

Stop the talk of thigh high boots, you know what it does to me; and you!

I was damnded lucky with my last girlfriend. As a child she had always walked on the balls of her feet ballerina style and they had grown that way so she couldn't wear flats but always needed something with a heel or she'd fall over backward. She also liked her boots, it was either heeled boots or sandals as she didn't like shoes and she amassed, with my help, quite a nice collection of high heel boots that she could wear just as comfortably as other girls wear flats and even had a pair of black thigh boots with thin heels and pointy toes, wonder who bought her those!!!!!!!

What can I say? Women in boots; the sexiest thing on the planet. Love you all, if only one of you would love me I'd buy you a pair on a whim! M

Women get to wear all the sexy stuff, so lucky, I'm so envious. Still love women. Thanks.