Step Father Makes Mom Wear Stockings And Thigh Highs When *******

My brother Jason and I have both seen lots of her pictures on my step father's computer, including ones where she's naked, dressed in stockings or thigh highs and some where she had spread her ***** and *** open for the camera and ones where she's getting her mouth, *** or ***** ****** or used. Not only that but one time when they were gone, Jason found the "**** box" with all kinds of videos, a couple of which were of them having sex.and other things like Mom tied up, her ***** and **** exposed, some clips of my step father literally ******* her mouth, several clips where she was tied down and being ******, and scenes where she had bottles and cucumbers used to **** her *****.

He always had her wearing stockings or thigh highs and they were usually full fashioned stockings or most often thigh highs or stockings with reinforced heels and toes. Apparently he really liked those as he'd get her to give him foot jobs and he had pictures and video where he'd use her feet like a ***** and jerk off all over her feet. There were even ones where he'd have a stocking or thigh high on his **** and she'd suck his **** or he'd **** her. One part of a video showed Mom tied up and him putting a pair of stockings into her ***** then ******* her.

I had a VCR and TV in my room later and would borrow **** tapes to watch and watch their homemade tape several times. It was hot watching my step father using my mom as a sex ****. He has a good sized **** and one thing he liked to do was gag her when she was sucking it. She had a couple of vibrators and he would **** her ***** with one then get her ******* wet then stick the ***** in her ***. A few times after he did that he'd put his **** up her *** too. He'd take the video camera and you could see her ******* moving in and out as he ****** her. There was one time after he pulled out, he had her spread her *** open so you could see the *** running out of her *******.

Even though I only saw them ******* once "real", I must've watched them **** hundreds of times watching those videos and piix on the computer. Of all the pictures and videos I've seen of Mom being ****** and used by my step father, I could count the times she wasn't wearing stockings or thigh highs (most of the time) on one hand and have fingers left over.

Sometimes after laundry, I'd find a pair of stockings or thigh highs in my basket. The first couple of times I didn't think anything about it and went downstairs and put them on the dresser in their room but every once in a while some would show up again. I kept a couple pairs of thigh highs, ones with reinforced heels and toes just to see if they'd be missed. They weren't.. lol.. So, just for fun, I put on a pair of them to see what the deal was. They felt good under pants and looked like I was wearing pantyhose under dresses/skirts and didn't constrict like pantyhose, plus I didn't have to mess with them when I had to pee. Just like no pantyhose, all I had to do was pull down my panties and do whatever, pull my panties back up and go. 

One time I was wearing a pair of thigh highs with reinforced heel and toe and I know my step father noticed because he almost followed me around the house before I had to leave to go to my fathers. That in some ways was hot, but in other ways was a little creepy because it was Mom's hose I was wearing and I wondered what he was thinking. Of course, as I got a little older, I knew with how I looked and wearing his favorite hosiery, I could pretty much guess what he was thinking. And, there are times I kind of regret not pushing it further.
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Sounds delightful, would love to see you like that myself