Things In Me

I started sticking things in my butt at a early age. started with small things and worked my way up to bottles. I've been doing it a long time and now I can take very large and long ****** and plugs. I still like to insert bannanas and balls and leave then in all day.
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I like to do that as well. I love having things put up my ***

Me too!! I want to lick your *** and jack off on you

Me too! Started with "playing doctor" with peers as a young'un, and never stopped enjoying the sensations of anal stimulation. Never thought there was anything "gay" about it either.

if you stick a beer bottle up there is it true it can get stuck with the sucktion?

Bad idea to insert anything made of glass in case it breaks. Have had plenty of plastic bottles and they don't get stuck. Neither do apples, eggs, bananas, grapes, zucchini, or anything else I have tried.

eggs dont break?

yes but they dont cut your arse to ribbons. Hey just trying to be helpful.

oh ha i have just always been scared they would cut me lol

I have used eggs a lot , fresh and they haven't broken but I prefer to use them hard boiled. 9 would be the most I could manage

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