I Had Zucchini

i bought three zuccchinis
i came to my room....and kept my door unlocked and took the in my holes kept myself with *** in air raised for few hours while ******* my holes...
you can check my albums ....
i later cooked and ate it
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8 Responses May 20, 2012

Sounds like lots of fun. <br />
<br />
I use fresh cucumbers and carrots and then toss them in a salad when I am finished. More than once I served salad to guests as part of dinner... *evil grin*<br />
<br />
angela xo

luv 2c those fun pics lol...add me please? =)

you slutty little young thing, bet the Zucchini tasted great after you *** all over it

I would love to be able to see those pics!! Will you please add me??

Hi,<br />
loved your photos, i have put lot of marshmallows, funn sized candy bars,,whole pealed bananas, big diameter enema nozzles..im in yahoomessenger and facebook if you can chat there.. facebook is welchs juice ym -- giant692002@yahoo.com

What do you have in your *** right now !?

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wish I knew where your room is, because I would have come in and gave you a hand. ;)

I love it. Please add me