And Old Tale Abaout The Secrets In My ***.

I started playing whit mi *** since my 11 birthday, inserting different things, small stuff for the most of it, then latter, looking for more phallic objects of a wide variety.
This one time I was in my room, doing homework in a Saturday morning, and started feeling the urge of sticking something on my *** (I was a 14 year old hormone-loaded adolescent. I started to play wit a pencil at the door of my anus; in no time I was without pants teasing how deep could it goes, making his way in little by little while I looked it  through a small mirror, when my mother called (screamed) my name. I sort of freaked out and put on the first pants I find in my messy room, my school sweat-pants as I recall, because they where tow sizes up and always made me feel dorky, like lost in it, and was one of the reasons I was the school misfit, attracted to bullies. I go down the stairs, still with the pencil 3 and half inches up my butt, praying nobody will note it. She immediately send me to the market to met my father, who needs help carrying some bags ASAP.
The street was full of people, I felt anxious as a hard on evolved uncalled in my crotch. It was quite the odyssey  trying to hide both, my hard **** and the pencil half buried in my rectum trying to point out his location trough the sweat-pants.  I managed to hide bot stuff using a hand in my pocket to hold my ****, and a funny way to walk, a matter of laughter to my father, who partially appointed  the reason to that behavior at my almost developed manhood caught in my hand; then he give me "The Talk" while going back home. It was embarrassing, but lucky, my *** secret was safe, and i must say, it was also getting me some naughty feelings knowing that no one had discovered, being so close to my dad, to the people at the street while carrying the bags back home.
When I was finally alone, could not help to jerk off while moving the pencil in circles, feeling the 3 and a half inches leaving my butt. 
I made my come really HARD, and since then is one of my secret pleasures to get something in my *** while going outside, of course with a little more planning and without funny walks.
mrskinny mrskinny
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

wow! what a story...that must have been quite an adventure!