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She Doesn't Know :-)

(This post is a video.  Please open to view)

I like her voice too :-)


lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

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Oh humans learned how to make things more beautiful than themselves long ago :-)

If I worked with her, I'd be like "After you, Sweetie" :-) ... Hell if I was in the elevator, I'd get out so she can use :-) ... And I'd get right back in with her :-) ... ... I wonder how many people in passing kiss them, pat them on the head, say hi to them or otherwise show them nice sentiments... It's nice to see one "sitting still"... They're usually moving, so this makes me think of all sorts of interesting things one could do to them :-)

She sounds so wonderful :-) ... I want one to play with :-)

Her voice is lovely and I love the word "Clear" and how she says this... Don't care for the people making fun of her though...

I need to remember next time on by phone (direct em<x>bedded videos don't work for me that way) that this person called her video: "Sasha the hospital robot" so I can search YouTube for her. I love how she's confused and also her beautiful voice :-) ... I bet she's the same "brand" as most of the others on YouTube. I should compare the voice :-)

Sorry to everyone who viewed this... The wrong link had gone in... Is fixed now...