The Beginning...

Hello. Hi. Bonjour. G-day.

Let's start with the who, what and why?

Who? Me? I am SkinnySweetSecret. My true identity is secret, and it will stay that way. I am a performer and... I think that's enough... Oh wait, I'm female too... Just in case you didn't realise.

What the heck is this crud? This is going to be a document of my evental weight loss.

Why? I am 68kg and I wish to be 50kg. Now I'm only 160cm... So I am a bit 'chunky' and I know there are some people who will argue I don't need to lose that much weight but; I perform various acts and my weight should be lowered to account for my activities. I need to be a better performer, I get judged on my looks all the time. Then... There's all the people who have made catty comments about me... My weight... And really... I want to prove them wrong.

So on this blog I will just post a lot of random stuff. This is my first.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Go prove them wrong. :)