There Are Many Things, But...

the most current thing i love is when he puts his hands on either side of my face and pulls me in closer for a kiss...idk why, but i really like this.  just seems like something very personal and intimate to me...especially when it's done slowly and softly....i love when a guy knows how to do this :)  man, i'm getting all smiley and getting goosebumps just thinking about it...and yes, this happened quite recently :)  can't wait till i can kiss him again!

KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
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6 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I hope you ladies will forgive me for peeking here. I am always looking for ways to make my lady happier.

i'm glad to know men enjoy it just as much as we do! :)

Caressing a woman's face is at once SO hot, SO gentle, SO close... The delicate flesh of your face... alive and radiant, flushed (perhaps) from anticipation of 'my' lips brushing so gently and teasingly over yours... =D<br />
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OHHH yea sweetie. men love this stuff just as much!<br />
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Well... SOME of us. :P

just thinking about it makes me want to rush over to his house so he can do it again! lol i'm definitely cherishing it while i can :) and the way he smiles down at me...omg...i'm afraid of turning into a mushball!! lol

Believe me, men adore doing it just as much! It's such an incredible rush to share something so intimate, over and over. Top of the world kinda stuff!!! Putting a flower in a woman's hair is another, along with gently tracing her lips;<br />
Oh Yeah!!

It gives you that feeling of comfort and everything will be alright. Cherish it.