*Admits To Being A Redneck*

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on another note, really good song :)

i like the part when the wet girl enters the picture :)

Any time a wet girl enters the picture it's a good thing.

ha ha ha ha

Thats okay dot I have in-laws who live up north and they are rednecks.

I can`t believe I just admitted that. *face palms*

I have blood relatives that I can't deny. Rednecks all....

I guess it's better than that Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy song. Texas girl here, who will never admit to redneck anything..lol.

I am VERY selective as to which country songs l like. Gary Allan transcends a bit in my mind.

This is a good one! He was at one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

I freaking missed him here. He played in a festival type concert with Kenney Chesney but i didn't go....

This one was about...10 years ago or so. Brooks&Dunn, Gary Allan, Chris Cagle, Trick Pony, and Dwight Yoakum. Not a huge fan of Dwight, but the rest was amazing!

*likes Dwight too*

Ah, that's okay. I just have a problem with paying a bunch of money to watch somebody who's had a few too many beers before the show. His music is just fine :).

Ouch....yeah, that would **** me off.

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