His Name Is Andrew

Though the logo shows Sting, I wanna share first about Andrew Lloyd Weber :)

Through my days when i got brokenhearted back at 1990's, his music has been a gift, and oh just now i can see that he got "Andrew" too in his name lol
(always believe that my guardian angel's name is Andrew, lol).

Whenever i got brokenhearted, I found it would be easier to pass when I got something to focus on. His music is beautiful, and the lyrics consist many words but never ovewhelm me.

The first encounter would be the complete piece of Phantom of the Opera, but to think about it, then "I Don't Know How to Love Him" took my attention first.
I love the organ music in the Phantom's intro and I love the way Michael Crawford sang his songs in the role as Phantom. This Phantom also introduced me to Sarah Brightman's brilliance voice :)

Cheer to my beloved songwriter!! ^ ^

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yess, ... why with that "hmmmm"? ^^

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Many nice works from him.