In No Particular Order...

and certainly not extensive!  But here's my little (provisional) list:

Evan64 - for your love, your honour, your unwaivering loyalty, your kindness, your strength... for being an example of the best that human beings are capable of
HeWhoPleasures - for your wisdom, your wacky sense of humour, and showing me that change is GOOD
Joyspring - I don't even need to tell you... for understanding and appreciating all that I am that's different, and for not giving (unwanted) advice
Kinkitty - for being my RL friend for the longest time, and for always knowing how to get me out of the darkest moods
Ansofie - my mommy... need I say more?
Bcj - for being a gentleman and a friend, for being wise and accepting, for always caring
DancesWithDolphins - for always bringing a smile to my face, for being a sexy SOB and for telling me those truths I might not want to hear
MusicAfrica - for always being there, for valuing me far above my worth, for trusting me as a friend and confidant
RustyLew - for being patient, and loving, and supportive... for being wise, for caring without conditions

All of you make my life a better one - thank you.  I love you all!

Lizzy22 Lizzy22
36-40, F
5 Responses May 28, 2010

Just have fun and enjoy - savour every minute - it's yours to enjoy xx

You guys just confirmed my point!! I'm sorry I've been scarce... the only possible downside to a brand new life is how much time it takes up :)

i missed this before.<br />
<br />
love you, angel<br />

Oh angel, you are special and it is my privilege to know you. R