Blonde For Hire

A blonde got the notion into her head that she wanted to make some money, so she went around to strangers' houses and knocked on their doors offering work.
Well, one man whom of which she did this to took a good look at her and said, "Alright; how about you paint my porch, and I'll giver you twenty dollars when you're done? All you need is in the garage."
Well, the blonde agreed, and thirty minutes later, she knocks on his door again, saying she's ready for her twenty. He looks around and replies, "Why, but you haven't done anything!"
The blonde shakes her head at him and answers with, "Oh, but I did! And by the way,
you don't have a Porsche;
you have a
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Nope! Never XDDD

OMG.. you can't trust these blondes!!!