Good Clean Living

A man in his late twenties goes to the doctor and says; 'Tell me doctor. I really need to know if I will live at least another fifty years?'

'OK' said the doctor. 'I have a few questions for you.'

'That's OK' said the young man. 'Fire away.'

'Are you a hard worker?' asked the doctor.

'Oh yes!'

'Do you smoke?'


'Do you drink?'


'Do you play golf'


'Are you sexually active?'

'God, no'

Whereupon the doctor throws his stethoscope on the desk and said; 'Young man. With a lifestyle like yours, why in God's name would you want to live another fifty years?'
RoseViolet RoseViolet
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4 Responses Jul 3, 2011

ROFL! good one

ROFL! good one

Good one... the doctor is right..cheers from Singapore

ha ha..S