Geordie Girls (think Cheryl Cole) Are Not To Be Messed With!

If you are outside of the UK you probably won`t get this, but here goes!

This guy from Surrey gets married and he tells his wife that now they are wed he expects things to be done in a certain way; the house must always be clean, she must always keep herself looking nice, and his meals must be ready on time. On the first day he did`nt see anything had been done but on the second day there was improvement. On the third day things were just as he wanted them.

Second guy marries a girl from Essex...same procedure as before, except he has to show her what an iron is for and how the vacuum works. He comes home from work on the first day and see`s that she has spent all day watching Jeremy Kyle on t.v and painting her nails, however on the second and third days things are definitely improving.

Third guy marries a `Geordie` lass (From Tyneside, like Cheryl Cole), he tells that the `Hoose` must always be clean and tidy, his evening meal MUST be ready when he gets home from work and she has to be ready for sex whenever he says.
On the first day he did`nt see anything, neither on the second day, however by the third day he could see a little out of his left eye and his arm had healed enough for him to make himself a cup of tea and the soreness in his testicles was not so bad!
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3 Responses May 15, 2012

lol are you sure that third lady wasn't from Australia?

Well, from what I`ve heard, you Aussie girls are feisty enough! Many of you probably originated on Tyneside!

men are the same All

For American readers you could perhaps go Boston/California/New York

Ah, yes, I think that is much more likely; I`ve met a couple of Texans!

Well, everything is bigger in Texas...including their ego!