GF: Why do you love me?
BF: I have no reason.
girlfriend didnt like it 'n replied
GF: No. Give me a reason.
BF: Ohkay... 'Coz you're beautiful,
caring 'n attractive.
Girl was satisfied,
Then one day she got sick 'n look Terribly Thin, Pale 'n Weak...
GF: Do you still love me?
BF: Now that you're not pretty 'n attractive do i have a reason to love you?
Girl Cried...
The boy hold her hand 'n said
BF: Now you Understand?
"Love doesn't need reasons.
Love Your girl just the way she is and never try to give reasons
for ur LOVE for her..... LOVE DOESNT ASK WHY.
mickquaye mickquaye
18-21, M
1 Response May 17, 2012

Indeed true. Love doesn't need reasons who or what to love. It just does. Quite a touching story. :)