It Fills The Spaces

From day one EP has been there for me. It started out a long time ago when my life and work was total chaos.  EP was my island.  It was like walking through my closet and fining my Narnia.  Back then I met Cedricsmom, Fungirl.  That was 2009.  And my friendship with Cedricsmom continues to this day.
The next phase of my life was one of utter boredom.  Endless nights of nothingness while looking after a shuttered plant.  Thats when I met the majority of my circle. Bleed, Ediez, Pixie, Allergic, etc.  That was also a good run.
Now I'm into the next phase.  One I won't be able to define until it is done, and I spend the next one in retrospect of all that has gone before.
The centerpiece of this one is Punk1n.  I still remember the day I was added back by her.  Totally wasn't expecting that one.  But glad that she took the time.  Or interaction has been mostly by PM.  And thats ok by me.  I'm a very private person.
For the time being my house is my jail cell.  I can barely leave.  But I don't need to.  Punkin, and the rest are enough of a glimpse of the outside world for me to get through this.
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Wow, this post was lovely to read. Thank you for sharing! ;) not mentioned (damnit) and we do not talk much but you are funny as hell and o am glad you have stayed in my circle!

:) We should talk more. And you should take me on a Cali wine tour. I prefer sweet reds.

Well if I lived in Cali I might do that ...but I live in the Windy ;-) ...guess we should talk more ! Haha!

Haha! Crap. I'm getting my people mixed up. This is what happens when you guys change names.
But OK, I'll change it to my team against your team. NHL style... if they ever get going again.

Oh...we can do that! And I suppose I will forgive the mix up since I did change my name and it won't happen again!

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With the exception of the punkin thing I can totally relate to this. I have very few male friends here that I feel relaxed and myself with. You are one of them.

Thanks Copper. The feeling is mutual, though we dont talk often.