Bi-polar,social Anxiety ,schizoaffective Is My Disorder

As I grow stable and fight this tale that is no fable,and fight this illness tooth and nail when all their drugs to fix me fail i keep tipping back and forth on the high low scale,fearing everything and,hating, waiting constantly self debating,or the other tip witch is fearless loving always proceeding,and debating others,super high or super low,awake aware or dazed and dorment laying in agony and torment or blissfully erratic,my happiness causes others havoc,so when i feel good i self destruct so i do not hurt others,awake and chased chastened battered and bruised medicated and ******** of God at times because of the medications that they use,why can they balance me to walk and be awake God I pray that you forgive me when i walk away for off medications i walk your way on them i ignore you and walk away deliver me from my illness make this go away to you in my utmost ignorance i beg plead and pray in love you lord do not let me walk away,in jesus name i pray amen
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013