Girlfriend Introduced Me

we met each other on an online dating site and we discovered one another on Experience Project it was a great way to get to know one another, we really opened up about our true feelings and told each other things we have never told anyone else. None of this would have been possible without EP, for this i am very grateful, thank you Experience Project!

Donalh Donalh
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This site has helped me communicate with people and open up more about my issues, i find it far better to get to know people here than at a bar or such

I met my girlfriend from this site. It really is a great place to meet good people that share your interests and your experiences. Happy that you are having a great time here :)

thats pretty sweet. congrats.

thank definitely made me a better person

very nice

thanks for all your positive comments so glad im part of this community!

Congrats. Best wishes ;)

Congratulations - wish you the best!

Ya, I find this site is a great place to say what is on my mind, whatever it is, whether it be d deep, dark secret I don't usually talk about of just one of my journeys into philosophy:). Everyone needs that sometimes, and sometimes more than other. Thanks to everyone who has read and will read my stories and comments. I really appreciate the sharing:)

how sweet..makes me have hope.

haha how unfortunate, don't lose heart though you will definitely track down some more cows!

lol aww yeah very sweet indeed<br />
^_^ <br />
<br />
hehe I have a similiar experience as well

yep, you can almost really be yourself!!!

glad to hear this has brought so much happiness, i hope it sends out a message of hope too that is my ob<x>jective

I found EP in a very down part of my life four months ago. I met two friends there that have become the closest friends I have ever had.<br />
<br />
Thank you.

This post made me happier.

What a great story! Congratulations!<br />
<br />
We have our own reasons for being thankful to EP contacts, but I won't go into that here. :)

keep hoping and the right person will come along

It is so great. I haven't imagined it before.

i wish you the best of look in your search :-)

Im so happy for you both :) <br />
Hope one day I can have the same too :p

haha so do as you can see!!!!

So Sweet, I love this site too!

love ya too babe xxxx

Aw i love you baby xxx<br />
Im so glad we got to know each other on experience project before we met. I think it made a big difference in our relationship, we rarely fight or argue, i think its because we got to know each other so well on here first.<br />
<br />
almost 6 months :-)<br />
<br />
love you x

That's so nice. all the best for the two of you and for experience project too (i think nokia motto is not at all bad in this context. Experience project-Connecting people!) :) This site connects ad has therapeutic qualities too there is so much to be discovered here such a wealh of human experience i will never cease to wonder.

I'M HAPPY 4 U. Wish U the BEST

This is so great! I guess many people have met up with friends they have met here. I'm happy for you!

aww thats sweet!

no bother Butterscotchy, yes we did meet up in person, we met each other in person 4 and half months ago! still going strong.

Yay! So happy for you :)