EP Changed My Life

To say I'm grateful for EP is an understatement.   Becoming part of the EP community has been life changing.  I wrote my first two stories on April 10.  From that  point on, I found myself through my writing.  I began to exlpore and become comfortable with parts of myself that had been in hiding for too many years.  I found like minded people in so many areas.  Most importantly, I found a supportive network of people who I could turn to in crises.  People who understood the pain of losing a parent, the joy of a massage or tantric sex, and oompa loompas.  I found the courage to leave a dying marriage, friends all over the world that I am grafeful for too.  The Experience Project is a godsend. 

gdgtgrl gdgtgrl
41-45, F
Aug 28, 2008