I LOVE this song. Its especially good while driving and is the best cure for road rage ever. It has gotten me out of cooped up clusterfuks, traffic jams, idiot drivers etc.
It's also good for trying to drown out your own stupid thoughts and annoying people who just wont shut up. ;)

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2 Responses Jan 29, 2012

ok, I do listen to Five Finger Death Punch and have some favorite Saliva songs and a few other really heavy groups, But this just doesn't do it for me either. Not totally out of my listening agenda, but not quite in it either.

alright, well no one forced you to listen to it

no you didn't........just my opinion. But I do like listening to new stuff I haven't before as I find quite a bit I do enjoy that way

If something like this came on while I was driving, I'd have driven right off the road. We are definitely from different generations.

lmao. I know it's definitely not for everyone. I listen to a wide range.

Yes, so do I. But this would have blasted me out of orbit. It is the kind of thing my daughter used to listen to when she was a teen and in her twenties. She is now 37 years old. So, I bit older than you. I remember her trying to convince me that if I just gave it a chance, I'd learn to like it. She was wrong. I had some man I worked for who told me that if I would just relax and let it wash over me, I could like Gregorian chants too. WRONG!! That was when I went out and bought a cd walkman and head phones and started listening to audio books at work. It was that or quit working for them. I loved the kids and his wife. I just hated his choice of listening pleasure.