Wanting To Feel Like This Always :))

Song is called "Found" by Philip Larue. Below are some of the lyrics, which I love. The song describes quite rightly about how I feel for a certain someone.

Faster than a shooting star
Baby you stole my heart
I never want it back

I never thought it'd be like this
So surprised by your kiss
I didn't have time to react

Believing in us
Feels so dangerous

When you're lost, lost, lost in love
You never wanna find your way out
When you're lost, lost, lost in love
You never want to be
You never want to be found, found

I feel so strange because of you
I have everything to lose

I wouldn't have it any other way
If this turns out to be a dream
Please don't wake me
I don't want to leave this place


What a lovely mystery
All the ways two hearts can meet
We were made to collide

You and I, you and I are lost
Baby we're lost


What a lovely mystery
Come on get lost with me


littlemisslight littlemisslight
26-30, F
May 25, 2012