Sweet Dreams

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Its... mystifying how hypnotic a woman shaking her *** can be isn't it? This is a better representation of what I was talking about in the message. Its all there, even the swirls on her shawl. I can still feel the stir in my head from it, meow.<br />
Butterflies, floating on air, swirls, and even a Pygmalion motif slipped in. Sexy.

Pygmalion motif? Yeah I dont know how she moves like that. the stir in your head huh...I'll not touch that :P


Oh anyway, what I was going to point out before was, pay close attention to this video. Not the content but the context. Notice how the rainbow that are seemingly caused by lighting always span outward? This causes a dilatation in the pupil of the eye for a short duration in some people. It is a reoccuring theme in this video also, take note of the ever-so-slight difference in the white background of the second scene when shes dancing. The white background is a certain size on the screen in proportion to her dancing, same effect. It causes your eyes to focus in a certain way that draws attention toward her dancing as well as dilating the pupil of the eyes some. Her hips are also always perfectly centered on the screen so the light effects draws ones subconscious attention right into that center while she sways her hips. She is wearing striped clothing. Stripes act as an interference pattern that grounds out ego and parts the veil into the subconscious for the suggestions to be transferred. The suggestion is Beyonce shaking her *** of cource, no hidden meaning there. However in the whole context of what is being expressed here, the video using music and lighting to direct creative imagination around in a kind of feedback loop toward the sexual center of the mind. This reinforces one of mankinds worst flaws, sexual temptation. During the ascent into higher consciousness we must move through our unconscious desires and subliminal programming such as this, when the time comes to elevate ourselves, re-directs higher resonance into sexual energy. This same kind of fallacy has been programmed into other forms of media also and even into religious texts. The manifestation of what I am talking about can be seen in Catholic priests who go into the church because of a calling to higher understand then fall victim to temptation and end of being pedophiles.

Now, whether this is done intentional or came about by more simple reasons is left open for debate. Water does roll downhill after all, and sex does get ratings. Perhaps all of it is just a natural manifestation of human nature. Regardless however, the director DID employ "occult" knowledge in making this video. Occult means hidden. Compare it with the kerli video and you will see a difference. I showed you the Kerli video and perhaps you intuitively thought "this video isn't bad, I'll show you something really interesting" and if so then your intuitions were correct. The Kerli video has no occult context in it, no subliminal. It only has themes and motiefs. The only time the director actually got anything correct in that video was during the scene where she starts spinning around in place.

Normally, the ego itself keeps people "locked" into place and prevents intrusions like a kind of firewall, keeping the pupil locked and not allowing it to dilate. Empaths and monks and many other types of people who can disassociate naturally bend in the wind and are affected more deeply by the hidden messages of things like this. In a way, whether intended or not, they are the targets.

Wow phaethon... When i will be a rich signer i will pay high price for advices like that to make great video with subliminal messages for the greatest good of all mandkind!!!

And i can shake my hips pretty well too look (shake shake shake)
(i'm crazy but you like it)

&gt;.&gt; I have enough understanding to probably reverse my empthic perception enough to project. There are two kinds of empaths, receivers and projectors. Their really the same but some "thing" in the unconscious causes some empaths to begin using transference to project emotion rather than receive it. I am like Peter from that show Heroes, I can assimilate other peoples powers if I touch them through direct perception of their abilities being used. ;) Its just a shift in context really.

I think we both assimilated each ones powers... What do you think?

There is something very peculiar about the spiritual nature of our relationship toward one another. I try not to think about it to much, its a matter of soul and heart. The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of. Thinking can confuse things sometimes.

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