Wild About Joining The Puppy Pack

Meet the "Babe" of Bringelly - Wilbur the pig, who happens tp think he's a dog. Just like the classic "Babe", the 15-week old miniature pig is convinced he is a canine. He can't talk or sing like the famous screen pig, but he can perform several tricks to rival the dogs housed at the western Sydney NSW Animal Rescue Base. He's learnt to sit and drop on command in the two weeks he's been there. He also knows to do his business outside and he even uses the doggy door like the pups. Wilbur was dumped by his previous owners, who found him too outgoing. But he has since made friends with the dogs there and is even started to act like them. He has his own lead and collar to go for works and the others love him. He can be very cuddly and he is very inquisitive. If there is anything new around or anything that makes a noise, he is the first on the scene to investigate, Probably the most noticable difference betweeb Wilbur and a real dog is that he doesn't eat meat or dairy. Instead, he feeds on cherry tomatoes, piglet pellets and chopped apples. His favorite is grapes, so that's what they use to train him. Suprisingly, he is much easier to train than a dog, and is eager to please.
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yeah i love charlettes seb it is such a sweet movie and babe, the movie teaches people to be humble and caringa nd selfless

I would have loved that pig, terrific story thank you for sharing....S

Had a pig like that once. Named him Pork Chop. He was born in the winter and it was brutally cold, temps in the -45F range and he was the runt, he kept being pushed out, finally one morning doing chores, I picked him up and took him to the house. Held him, let him warm up, fed him and talked dad into letting me keep him on the front porch.<br />
It wasn't long before he was in the house, it was one of the longest cold snaps we ever had, and he was just way to little to put back in the pen. His family were growing by leaps and bounds and he wasn't. He was a fast learner also. Cats would pick on him, he would chase them up to the door to the front room and then stand there and snort at them. When spring rolled around he ran with the dogs. Pop tried putting him back in with the rest of the hogs and he just pouted, so they let him back out. That rascal lived 14 years. The part dad got a kick out of, a car pulled into the drive one day, the guy was sitting in the car, dad told him he could get out, the dogs didn't bite. The guy answered back, its not the dog I'm worried about, its the pig.

Awwww...That is really cute I love animals!!!! HAHA