Funny But True Way of Thinking

Ever do one of those things where you're just like oh you know what, this is useless this isn't going to help me?  Well a while back I watched a film where there's a guy training to become some pro gamer or something, and he's flipping  burgers for a group of guys and then he asks "why am I doing this? how does this help me game better?" Now if you were the guy, you'd wanna relax and enjoy a beer with your friends while you have someone else do the work, like the guys were doing.  So finally one of the guys says "Dude, haven't you ever seen the karate kid? Wax on...wax off? You know..?"

And then the kid nods and he's like "oh...oh right" now in reality it was just a way to get the kid to keep flippin the burgers while they laughed to themselves, but I guess I took those words to heart :) Now everytime I'm faced with one of those useless challenges I remember those words and I do it no matter what it is.

Good piece of advice, at least for me :o)

Gemini15 Gemini15
18-21, M
Mar 3, 2009