Lingerie Shop 2

Went into the lingerie shop again from my previous story looking for a new thong to wear, I was wearing one of the male thongs i got from online. I walked up to the sales lady and told her the last one i bought was a perfect fit and thanks for the help. I proceeded to look around for a new one to buy and say this lovely silky orange thong with a lace back and thought i was in luck but they didnt have it in my size.

As i was buying the thong i asked her did she want to see the thong i had on which was a lovely blue one that seperated my balls and **** nicely, she said she couldnt see it because it was a ladies only changing room and if a lady customer saw me she would lose business. So what im gonna do for the next visit is take pictures of the thongs i have and show her them that way.
scratchyy scratchyy
26-30, M
May 14, 2012