I used to wear thongs to school as a teen and even do now as a phys ed teacher and i know some of my students are looking :P
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how old are they?

I would have been one of the boys looking!!

Cool, Im a Phys Ed teacher too. Wish I worked with you! Lol.

Good on you ! Wish you had been my phys Ed teacher !

Hello yeah I would be taking alot of cold showers after your class or tackling you!!!

There is nothing wrong with people looking if they are looking for the right reasons.

i cant stand walk or run, but can i join your class please!!!! lol xx

Nice, who doesn't love it when they see a beautiful woman in a sexy thong...

mmmm...nice....any of the students brush up against when walking by between classes when the halls are crowded?

damn!!! i need to watch your excercise class!!!!!

Do you ever let it peek out to tease them or see if they stare more?